What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Attending a baby shower is all about celebrating the mum-to-be. It is a fun get together meant to shower mummy and baby with love, support, gifts and good wishes. Most attendees contribute by bringing presents of their own. One of the best complimentary gifts to give during this milestone event is a baby shower card.

As a token of appreciation, baby shower cards go a long way in making baby and mum know how excited you are for this life-changing event.

There is no definite way to make a baby shower. They can be any colour, shape or form, and you can even make your own if you feel crafty. Most decide to simply put pen to paper and write something commemorating the spirit of the moment. It means a lot to the mum to receive messages pouring out warmth and love through words. Oftentimes, these words don’t come easy, though. A baby shower is one of those events where choosing the gift is easier than picking the right words for your card.

Your options are up to you for what to write since there’s so much to be said. It could be something funny or simple or thoughtful or cute. And then there’s the writing style to employ: is it for a girl? A boy? Maybe twins? Whatever you decide on, we are here to help you draft your baby shower wishes into the perfect baby shower card.

Just remember before you write anything that chances are your gift will be opened and passed around. It will likely be read out loud as well. You should consider this when you’re crafting your message.

That being said, here are some tips and etiquette for what to write in your baby shower card.


Getting Started Writing

As you start writing your baby shower card, it is important to think about your association to the baby shower. Depending on your relationship with the mum-to-be, you have to decide whether you want the message to be informal or formal. If it is a couple’s baby shower, make sure you address both parents as well. If you are a relative, you can also address the baby directly.


Given the etiquette, addressing the baby shower message should go something like this:

  • Informal: Dear (Mother’s First Name or Mother and Father’s First Name)
  • Formal: Dear or To (Mother’s Full Name)
  • Relative: Dearest Niece/Nephew-to-be


Also, consider the terms with which you have been invited and the theme of the shower. These clues will help you determine whether your message needs to be formal or not.


Baby Shower Wishes

Your role as the well-wisher can be played off through your writing style in the card. Even for those who are closest to the parents or mom-to-be, simple baby shower wishes are equally as effective.

Some examples include:

  • “All the best for the arrival of your little one”
  • “All the best for this milestone in your life. Showering you and your baby with much love and support.”
  • “Congratulations on your lovely bun in the oven.”
  • “Thank you for inviting me to your lovely baby shower. Very grateful to share this day with you.”
  • “You will be great parents! Cannot wait!”


Baby Shower Gift Messages

Past the more simple and formal baby shower wishes, a baby shower gift message can mention the thought that went behind your gift. If you are still struggling with deciding on a gift, we suggest looking through our catalog.

Once you have decided on the perfect gift, the baby shower gift message is easier to craft. The gift and message can also be appropriately linked to the baby shower theme.

Some examples:

  • “This gift made me think of you and your soon-to-be bundle of joy! Hope it finds its place in your wonderful nursery.”
  • “Hope you and your little one enjoy this [gift] as you build a strong, loving and supportive family.”
  • “Your bundle of joy will bring about many memories. I hope this memory book encourages you to document and cherish them.”


Sometimes baby showers also come after a gender reveal. If the theme is associated with the baby’s gender reveal, this should give you plenty of writing fodder.  

Knowing whether this is a baby shower for a boy or a girl or twins will make a great difference for which gift you pick. Additionally, you can work this knowledge into your baby shower card messages. So let’s talk about that.


Baby Shower Wishes for a Boy

Welcoming a baby boy has its own adventures and joys. Whether you are writing to the parents or to the baby, a heartfelt message comes a long way. Remember, many like to keep their baby shower cards and might even read them to their child a few years later. So if you write something more personalised, it might lead to memories years later.

Some examples:

  • Boy oh boy, was your mumma ready to have you when I wrote this card. Welcome soon dear one!”
  • “Cannot wait for the little guy to get older so we can go watch football together!”
  • “Lots of love to your bouncing baby boy”


    Baby Shower Wishes for a Girl

    A baby shower for a darling little baby girl is about female energy. Your wishes can be warm, nurturing, and empowering.

    Some examples:

    • “Congratulations on your sweet little girl. Hope you’re tickled pink!”
    • “With dad’s smile and mum’s heart, your little princess is going to be a wonderful sweetheart.”
    • “To the strong and confident woman that is going to be mum. Congratulations on your baby girl!”
    • “Before you know it, you will be shopping for her prom dress. Enjoy every step of her milestones.”
    • “We are so excited for your baby girl. She is going to be blessed with such beautiful and kind parents."


      Baby Shower Wishes for Twins

      Double the blessing, twins are a happy surprise for new parents. Baby shower messages for twins, triplets or multiples celebrate and support the new parents through their exciting journey. 

      Some examples:

      • “Excited to see your life change by the double. Cannot wait to meet your twins!”
      • “Double the fun and double the mischief. You will have a handful. Just know that I am here for you as a friend and aunty.”
      • “There are two upcoming hearts that cannot wait to feel your warm love. Congratulations on your twins!”

        From the personalised to the funny to the formal, baby shower wishes allow you to be as creative as you like. What is of utmost importance is that the wishes are heartfelt. Hope some of our suggestions here give you to the spark needed to write a loving message to celebrate this milestone in life.

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