Recording Your Baby’s Milestones

Recording Your Baby’s Milestones

As a child or even as an adult, you might’ve wished at some point that your parents kept a baby book where you could view when you said your first word, began to walk, or even started to eat solid foods for the first time. Simply put, a baby book is a special collection of milestones that you will cherish for a lifetime. And if you wish to forever save these memories for your own baby, you’d be smart to keep one.

A baby book should include  a special ink-less print of your little one’s hands and feet, photos of them throughout their many stages, and videos of your baby’s latest achievements (such as walking, talking for the first time, and much more). A baby’s milestones may feel like they go by too quickly, but with a baby book you can stretch time a little bit, and be able to look back on these moments and cherish them.

We suggest a milestone baby journal for documenting all your child’s early development stages.

So, that being said, let’s talk about all your baby’s milestones which you’re going to want to include in your baby book, from the time they’re born to 1 year old.


1–3 Months

In the first three months of your baby’s development, you’re going to see some drastic changes. From being a cuddling, sleeping bundle of joy at 1 month old to already smiling and forming a deep attachment to you at 3 months.

This is the period when babies first begin to improve on their movement. They become louder, trying to communicate with sounds, and desperately want your attention. Between 2-3 months, this is also when babies begin to smile for the first time which will certainly warm your heart.


What to Include in Your Baby Book


During this early period in your baby’s life, getting the hands and footprints captured  is most important so you can save this special time when they were at their smallest. Consider buying yourself an inexpensive and safe print kit to record your baby’s feet and hands. They come in pink, bronze, grey, black, and blue ink.

4–6 Months

During these months, your baby will begin to be much more active. Expect the little one to slowly start rolling over, sitting up, and crawling along your floors but not without some help from mommy. You can also expect some babbling as your baby begins to form their first words, as well being more responsive to your voice.

By the way, you’re also going to start prepping your baby for solid foods soon enough.


What to Include in Your Baby Book


Be sure to record your baby’s first words. Also, take plenty of photos! This is the time they’re first starting to move around so there’s so many special memories to be had here.

Since you want to capture these moments with your baby, we suggest putting together your photos with the help of milestone photo cards. These cute cards will help you easily save your memories. Each card is meant for a photo of every one of your baby’s firsts.

7–9 Months

Your baby is becoming much more independent now. This is when the little one can roll over, sit, and crawl without mom’s help. They’re also able to eat some finger food without you feeding them.

Around this time is when your baby’s teeth first begin to make their appearance. Most importantly however, it’s also the time when your baby will begin to recognize his or her name.


What to Include in Your Baby Book


A lot is happening in these three months. So, when in doubt of how to best record your baby’s milestones, take some photos! Snap some pics of your baby eating independently for the first time, being on the move, or even record a video of them babbling.  Maybe even try dressing up your little one in funny clothes so you can have a laugh years from now at their cuteness.

10–12 Months

Your baby is almost a year old! This is the time when they first start exploring their world by grabbing onto furniture to stand and move. Copying their parents, babies at this age are trying their hardest to get on their two feet, but they definitely need some help from  mum! You’ll be surprised at how quickly they move around the house.

This is also the time when your baby will first begin to express attachment towards certain people and have preferences. Your baby will also be able to tell you they love you by the time they turn 1 year old. They’ll also develop their own sense of humor and the beginnings of their personality.



During this time, your baby might also finally take their first steps on their own. This is around the time when babies learn to walk. However, it depends. Some babies begin to walk after they turn 1-year old, but others much earlier.

And just like that, at 12 months old, your baby is now officially a toddler.

What to Include in Your Baby Book

This is the perfect time to get your baby’s feet and hands re-printed to mark this special milestone and so you can see the difference from when they were born. Your baby is also now finally starting to get on their two feet, so take some videos and photos. Write down some thoughts. Reflect on these past 12 months as your baby now becomes a toddler. It will undoubtedly be an emotional time for you, but nonetheless an incredibly rewarding one.

Since your baby is now officially a toddler, may we suggest a little something to keep all your milestone photos neat and organized? A photo card collection has dedicated cards for photos of each of your toddler’s firsts so you can cherish these memories for decades and decades to come.

Of course, not all babies are the same. Some begin to walk or talk later than others. Some seem to have endless energy. And others love to blab all the time. The point is, that by recording your baby’s milestones, you have something that is completely yours: something to remember these special moments by with your husband, or even your child when he or she becomes much older.

Although it may seem as though your baby is growing up too fast before your eyes, maintaining a baby book is one way to slow down the clock, reflect, and cherish these special moments which make life so rewarding.

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