Baby Announcement Ideas

Baby Announcement Ideas

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a baby sometime soon. Congratulations! It’s a very special time for you and your spouse. However, now comes the decision of how you’re going to break the news to friends and family. So why not be a little bit creative?

Rather than spend money on a professional photographer (which might not even get you the final result you want), you should consider your baby announcement as your own little project.

Keep it in-house and try to organize it yourself. That way, when you tell everyone about the great news, it’ll be your personal, memorable story.

When announcing the arrival of your new bundle of joy, you should tell the people you’re closest to first. Soon-to-be grandma and grandpa deserve to be among the first to know, so don’t include them with the masses of people you’ll be announcing your baby too. Baby announcements should be fun and silly but keep in mind your audience.

Once you tell your inner circle and people you’re closest to, you can be sure that the news will spread fast through word-of-mouth because, after all, people love to gossip. As you might have guessed, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to how you tell someone about your baby.

Firstly, there’s the in-person tell; then, the phone call; an email; and finally, a simple social media share (the lowest on the rung). So, if you’re telling your parents, go see them in person: they should be getting the highest priority.

If you’re the one on the receiving end of the announcement, consider buying a special gift. One thing couples like is being gifted something that will help them to cherish the memory of the little one long after they’re born. A print kit is a delightful gift that will allow parents-to-be to imprint their baby’s feet so the memory is beloved and remembered for their entire lives. If you’re the one expecting the baby, it’s a great gift to yourself as well!

All being said, let’s look at some of the best baby announcement ideas we’ve come across during our time working with moms-to-be. These are just some that really stood out to us as something special and ones that can easily be adapted to your own creative side. There’s also plenty of other ideas available online so be sure to take a deeper look yourself.


Make a Movie or Book Poster


Photo: Jillian Farnsworth Photography

We’ve seen many ideas from couples who like to reimagine their big baby announcement like a movie. Well, it’s an idea you can steal for yourself. 

If you have some photoshop skills, you can easily make an interesting movie or book poster that captures an audience. Just make sure to put the date you’re due right on the bottom, which is when the “movie” or “book” comes out. It’ll always get a laugh.

We’ve seen a lot of creativity with this idea and the options are endless. You should also maybe consider getting some inspiration from famous movie posters – pick your favorite movie, look up its poster, and try to adapt it to your special baby announcement.


Incorporate Your Pets


Photo: Brianna Polanco Photography | Instagram

Although your dog or cat may feel like having a little baby to care for already, dressing up your pet is a great way to announce that you’re expecting on social media and through photos.

For example, pick out a little shirt for your dog that reads “Big Brother/Sister” or “Baby is On the Way.” Choose a cute catch-phrase that indicates you’re expecting a new family member and get a custom shirt for your pet. It’s fun and it’s sure to get a chuckle.

Or maybe have your pet hold onto the ultrasound photo – or give them an accessory that’ll have people guessing about your baby-to-be. Either way, incorporating your pets into your baby announcement is a nice creative exercise that’ll surely get plenty of attention.


A Promotional Card

When you’re telling family members about a new baby on the way, why not surprise them with a little-handwritten note?

How about something cute like this:

“Hi mom and dad,

So we’ve been thinking...  

how would you like a promotion to being grandparents?”

It’s fun, it’s sweet, and it’s innocent. On top of that, handwritten touch would make this little ‘promotional’ letter be something special to remember your announcement by.

Feel free to make your own creative cards and invites for family members telling them about the good news. There are plenty of cut-outs available online to help you craft the perfect, original message that will make your close ones smile.


The Four-Panel Announcement

If there’s a special story associated with your announcement, you may not be able to convey that in just a single image. We’ve seen couples instead opt for a four-panel “story” of sorts, which tells a little background about you being a mom-to-be. 

If you have been trying to have that baby for years, and finally managed, this is that special announcement that should maybe convey that. Or maybe there’s a funny story associated with your announcement when you told your spouse. Whatever the case may be, if you have a story to tell that can’t be conveyed in a single image, consider a four-panel announcement where you have some room for a creative narrative about the special announcement.



Bring Out the Onesie

The onesie seems to be the universal symbol for a baby. And so many couples in their announcements like to include the onesie as part of the announcement: it’s a clear message that, yes, you will be having a baby soon.

So either include a little onesie in your photo or put a cute little message on it customized by you. All in all, throwing your little one’s future outfit in the photo is a sure way to attract some attention by making it clear you’ll be adding another member to the family soon.
These are just a few ideas to make your announcement standout and be memorable for those that care about you the most.

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