‘Babymoons’: Why You Should Treat Yourself to One

‘Babymoons’: Why You Should Treat Yourself to One

We’ve all heard of honeymoons before – that special moment you share with your husband in a far-away place right after your marriage, always tinged with romance. A babymoon is the same romantic getaway with your spouse, but before you have your baby.

Think of your babymoon as one of the last chances for you to immerse yourself in romance before your baby. After all, you’re on your own for the time being, so why not enjoy it? Once the baby arrives, you can be sure that any romantic getaways will have to be put on hold for quite a while. A babymoon is time for you and your husband to romantically connect before your lives are forever changed.

Some couples like to go big with their babymoon, making a list of all their dream destinations. Others opt to a simpler plan, because being pregnant and on-the-move can be intimidating, especially if you have a lot on your mind. Regardless of what your plans are, just remember that a babymoon is for you to enjoy and celebrate the changes that will soon take place in your life. It’s a big moment and you deserve to treat yourself.

With that in mind, here are some tips to consider when planning on babymoon getaway.  

Treat Is as a Time to Reflect

Becoming a mother requires a lot out of you – after all, it’s a monumental step in your life. Therefore, a babymoon is the perfect time to reflect on who you are as a woman and mother. Put your perspectives in order and decide what you want for your future. How do you see your life in 10 years? – where are you now in life? Give yourself some breathing room to just think and plan accordingly.


Be Realistic about Your Travel Plans

Since the babymoon is for you and your spouse to enjoy, don’t feel pressured to go somewhere lavish. Even if it’s a simple day or two at a beach house, or somewhere close, or just taking some time off with your husband, that’s OK.  You should always plan according to your needs and your budget. The last thing you want is to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a babymoon which you didn’t even enjoy. So, I know you may feel excited, but try to keep a clear head on your plans.



Travel in Your Second-Term

Although you might feel rushed to make plans and travel immediately after finding out you are pregnant, don’t. About half of all pregnant women experience some kind of morning sickness during their first trimester pregnant, and the last thing you want is to be sick during your babymoon.

We’ve read quite a few horror stories from people who decided to take their babymoon during their first trimester – with the trouble sleeping, fatigue, and occasional morning sickness nausea, let your body adjust to the changes happening in your womb for the first trimester. Holding off any babymoon plans for the second trimester is always a good idea.

Focus on Your Significant Other

A babymoon is, after all, a time for you and your partner to romantically enjoy each other’s company. So give that all the priorities you possibly can during your babymoon.



Let’s be honest: after having your child, your sex life will inevitably change. It might even be difficult to get those romantic moments in with a child who constantly needs tending to. Therefore, consider your babymoon as your last romantic getaway before the big change in your life: the baby.

Reenergize Yourself

The first trimester of any pregnancy is usually exhausting, and you know for sure it will be if it’s your first child. It takes a toll on your psyche and oftentimes you may just find yourself feeling tired all the time. That’s fine – but you need to recharge. You owe it to yourself. A babymoon provides you with that special time away for you to experience wanderlust, romance, and, most importantly, get yourself well-rested before you’re due.



Consider a Little Bit of Adventure

It’s always fun to step a little bit out of your comfort zone during a babymoon. Take it as a time to spice up your life and try something a little bit different.

We’ve all got that adventurous spirit in us somewhere – so find it! We’ve read quite a few stories from soon-to-be mothers going on natural reserves, light hikes, beaches, safaris, you name it. At the very least, maybe step away from any screen time while you’re away and just focus on your surroundings. It’s your time to detox and rest, so it would be best if you laid off the electronic devices for a bit.

Plan for the Future with Your Spouse

Babymoons are also a time when you can concretely and honestly discuss your family’s future with your spouse. What will your parenting style be like? – have you made any preparations for the baby in your home? What will your child grow up to be, and how can you and your spouse best raise them? These are hard parenting questions, but they’re worth asking. There’s no easy answers and it’s something you need to discuss in detail with your spouse.

It  can even be fun to take a look at other parents during your babymoon. A little people-watching never hurt anybody, just to see how these other little rascals act around their parents. Maybe you’ll learn something about what’s in store for your own future as a mother.

These are all some friendly words of advice for any of you soon mothers-to-be who are considering their own babymoon. Frankly, it’s worth it. A babymoon will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, a precursor to you being a mother. It’s your moment, so treat yourself and your spouse to something special before the baby comes on board. It’s the least you can do for yourself before becoming a mum.

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