First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For any new mother, the first Mother’s Day is all about realising the importance of your new role. If you are a friend, colleague or relative, this is a day when celebrating the new mother. This can come in many forms. It can be a party. It can be a chance to unwind at a spa or a salon. It can be some time for personal space and (much needed) sleep. Whatever it is, we all know mothers need to be appreciated. So on this special day, why not gift the new mum a token of appreciation to show gratitude and support?

If you are struggling with the best products to make any new mum’s first Mother’s Day truly remarkable, we have a few ideas that should help. And also, if you are a new mother yourself… know we appreciate you. Go ahead girl, get yourself pampered.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Home Decor

For the new mum that loves home decor, the first Mother’s Day can be a celebration of her aesthetic passions. Below are some gift ideas that incorporate design while celebrating motherhood.

Alexa Echo $149

New mums will love this for its hands-free quality. She can focus on the baby while Alexa turns her favourite music, podcast, news, etc on or off.

Inkless Print Kits $19.95

These mess-free, non-toxic and easy-to-use multi award-winning inkless print kits perfectly capture those special little hands and footprints. Once framed, these add to the new mum’s decor. The prints come as a kit for multiple prints, celebrating motherhood’s milestones one print at a time.

Memory Books $39.95

As a record of shared memories, this book makes for a lovely and heartwarming coffee table spread.

Clay Frame Kit $24.95

Another way to capture a precious impression of your child's little hands and feet, these clay frame kits are safe, easy and beautiful keepsakes.



Self-Care Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A new mother rarely has time for a nice hair wash, let alone make-up and primping. Skincare and beauty products are encouraging self-care gifts for the new mum. Here are our favourites.

Lips: Lanolips Multipurpose Balm Fruities Set $34.95

Lanolips balms moisturize everything from lips, cuticles to any dry skin patch. For the new mum, this fruities set is easy to use and can go into any purse.

Pick-me-up Spray: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist $49

An organic rosewater spray that leaves skin toned, refreshed and hydrated, the new mum can use this on her skin for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Cleanser: Dr. Roebuck’s Noosa Nourishing Creme Cleanser $30

Perfect for that weird dry-oily skin condition postpartum, this gentle cleanser works well to target impurities and calm irritated skin.

Face Mask: Dr Jart+ Moist Lover Rubber Mask $17

It is super important for the new mum to hydrate, this mask will be a boon that instantly plumps and pampers her skin.

Cream: Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream $72

A cream that will work on any sign of sleeplessness, this cream is the ultimate new-mum beauty gift.



Some Make-up Options For a New Mum

Who doesn’t like to primp? These beauty products are a keepsake, something new mum can use now or later…

Sephora Gift Card
Simply load this up and let her splurge on whatever beauty product she has been dreaming of buying.

Chanel Lip Palette $98

Nobody says no to a little Chanel. This palette comes in handy for emergency situations and makes a great gift for anyone who loves makeup.

Lilah B Getaway Essentials Set $207.90

This gift set includes face mist, bronzer duo, lip & cheek duo. For the new mum, Lilah B is a chance to unwind and get glamorous through clean beauty.

Lilah B Lets Face It Brush Set $195

This limited edition brush set features tools that can be used for multiple looks from day to night. Not to mention the brand is hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free.



For the New Athletic Mumma

This Mother’s Day could mean time for the new mum to cherish her ambitions. If she is athletic, the following gifts are definitely something she will be passionate about.

Cooling towels $16.95

These are the best towels to beat the heat, be it during the summer or a session of hot yoga. A new mumma will appreciate the cooling effect, especially after a workout.

Vulken 4 Speed High Intensity 17” Vibrating Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Recovery $139.99

The best-kept secret in ergonomics, this foam roller attacks any soreness and decreases muscle tension. For the new mum who is beginning to train, this is a keeper.

S'Well Blonde Wood Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle $69.95

A trendy bottle that keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours, this is functional, eco-friendly, philanthropic and stylish.



For the New Mum Who Needs a Good Nap

For a new mother, a good nap is an almost divine intervention. This Mother’s Day, celebrating motherhood can be all about comfort and rest.

Amara Linen Waffle Robe $32

This robe is made from high-performance microfiber fabric. It gets softer with each wash and makes Mother’s Day feel truly luxurious.

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask $20.31

For the new mother who needs serious shut-eye, this padded mask provides the best conditions to get through that crucial REM sleep cycle.


Miscellaneous First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Boutique Box

If you are not feeling like customizing a full gift box look no further than this online services to do that for you. Send your best bundle of Mother’s Day appreciation with just a few clicks.

Good Food Gift Card

This is the perfect gift card you can order online for the foodie mum. It could also be a date for the new parents.

All that being said, the First Mother’s Day is all about the new mum. Not only does she deserve to be pampered, primped and cherished, but she also deserves to be celebrated.

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