The Best Way to Capture a Baby’s Milestones

The Best Way to Capture a Baby’s Milestones

Undoubtedly, having children gives new meaning to the saying ‘time flies’.

Often it feels as if they grow so quickly.

One day you have a tiny snugly newborn—you blink—and suddenly there’s a chatty toddler running circles around you! Before you know it, you’re shopping for school shoes and spending Saturday morning’s perfecting ballet buns and watching soccer games!

Here at BABYink® we know that there are so many amazing milestones that occur in a child’s first few years of life—rolling, crawling, walking, talking (to name just a few)— and capturing these moments means you, and your child, have memories for life.

We spoke to gorgeous new mum Tess, from Melbourne Australia, about capturing the milestones of her baby girl Lola. 


Hi Tess! How long have you been a mother for? 

3 months.  

Tell us a bit about your baby… 

My little girl Lola Eve is 12 weeks old. She was born at 9pound 1 (4kgs) big bubba!


Can you please share with us a story about the first special moment with your baby? 

I think I have two very special moments with Lola. First one being when you first meet your child and they put her on my chest and she just wanted to snuggle! It was so cute and the love you have for your child after knowing them for only a moment is amazing. Second special moment is the first time she smiled at me. It just melted my heart!


How did you record that moment? 

Many of my special moments have been captured on my iPhone. The midwife took my phone whilst in labour with Lola and she captured some amazing memories. I’ve now just started to create a scrap book for her so she has something when she is older. 


Have you collected/created memorabilia of your baby since birth? 

Yes, I do collect bits and pieces especially cards people have written her and have popped them away! I haven’t created anything yet, but Jarryd (my partner) and I want to ink her hands and feet and have it framed – we will see how we go! 


What have you used or created to capture your baby’s first moments?

Mostly my iPhone to be honest, whenever I think there is a moment I just quickly grab my phone and take a shot!

Why do parents think that it’s important to capture baby’s first moments?

I think it’s important to capture babies first moments because there are so many things that happen that you can forget a moment or two. Having it either written or a photograph can help bring a memory to light! And let’s be honest, it’s always nice to remember the little moments!


Do you think it’s important to capture baby’s good and not-so-good first moments?

Hell yeah! Some of the best moments I have had with Lola have been her not so good moments – if you call them that. Eg. That first night Jarryd and I could not get Lola to sleep the whole night! She cried and cried and cried for hours, we just looked at each other and giggled and thought oh god what do we do! That was a special moment for us.


What was significant to you within your baby’s first month of birth?

That I took the time to get to know Lola and to make sure she is happy! Jarryd and I decided we wanted to be very easy going and calm parents which we think really helped in Lola’s first few weeks because she is now a very chilled and happy baby! Also, just to make sure she is healthy!


Do you think that it can help establish whether they’re growing at a healthy rate?

I was so surprised with the amount of information that you received from the hospital after you give birth. We left 24 hours after Lola was born and have a midwife come and visit us at home each day for a week. Everything is so monitored these days to make sure your baby is doing what he or she should be that you never really need to worry about it. My midwife did say to me though, you the mother know your child best so trust your instinct. Best advice ever. There is no right or wrong or a manual to follow when raising a child so I believe whatever works for you, works for you!


What are some significant developments that you notice within a baby’s first year?

Yes. I think the significant moments are obviously rolling, sitting, crawling, teething, first word etc. Don’t get me wrong I’m so excited about all of those milestones but I don’t really like to jump ahead because everyday spent with Lola I notice a new little thing or two she has picked up. Such as cuddling a teddy or grabbing onto my shirt when feeding her.


Are there any milestones/developments that you are particularly excited to witness?

I don’t wish anytime away, but I can’t wait till she can talk! I think we will have some very interesting conversations.


What advice would you give to soon-to-be parents about capturing baby’s first moments?

I think the best advice I can give is yes try and capture the moment, but remember to be present at the moment as well.  I think sometimes, and I’m guilty of this as well, that we try and capture the moment with a phone or camera that we forget to actually be there ourselves. So, have someone around that can capture a moment for you or live in the moment and capture it again later on. Trust me, once a baby learns something they repeat it until the new next best thing!

Also – I think it's important to upload on your social media. Social media is like a digital diary of life events and the more high-tech it's becoming the more it documents your life.

Thanks Tess!

Follow Tess on Instagram @tessaalouise

As Tess said, capturing Lola’s milestones and moments is important for her, her partner, and Lola! Undoubtedly one day Tess and Lola will giggle together at all the gorgeous moments she captured!

BABYink® offers a gorgeous range of products that can be used to capture baby’s milestone moments. From foot and hand prints to memory books, baby journals and milestone cards, there’s something for everyone!   

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