Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts You'll Never Forget

Top 5 Baby Christmas Gifts You'll Never Forget

Christmas—it’s the most wonderful time of the year…except for when you’re trying to maneuver a pram and a toddler through crowds at your local shopping centre looking for Christmas presents! Let’s be honest, Christmas shopping can be an absolute nightmare for anyone at the best of times.

If you have a newborn, or it’s your baby’s first Christmas, you might be feeling even more overwhelmed about what to buy. Baby’s first Christmas is special so you want their present to be memorable—perhaps keepsakes they (or you) will hold onto forever! If it’s your baby’s first Christmas, or you are a family member or friend buying a gift, keep reading because we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of memorable presents you can put under the tree or in their Christmas stocking!


1. BABYink Christmas Keepsakes

BABYink offers a unique product range that allows you to take baby hand and footprints with a world first ‘colour ink-less wipe’ that is safe for newborns, easy to use and, most importantly, mess-free! BABYink has a range of gorgeous customised Christmas keepsakes that are perfect for baby’s first Christmas gift. There are eight prints to choose from and each package includes 1 x High Res PDF (5x7 inch photo size) and 1 x JPEG file which you can use to print and frame the keepsake. Use baby’s handprint to form the greenery of a Christmas tree or their footprints for ‘mistletoes’—so cute! You can use foot or hand prints that you already have at home or add one of BABYink’s kits to your order! These unique keepsakes also won’t break the Christmas budget at just $25.00 (AUD) per print.


2. Christmas Ornament

A personalised Christmas ornament is a perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas. This gift is a perfect way to start a beautiful yearly tradition in your household that will continue long into their adult lives. Ornaments can be personalised with baby’s name, their birth date or perhaps a special symbol or quote. There are countless websites that sell personalised Christmas ornaments and often your local shopping centre will have a pop-up shop open over the Christmas period that offers various hand painted baubles and ornaments.  


3. Piggy bank or money box

Often family members will send money as part of a Christmas gift so a piggy bank or money box is a perfect gift to start those savings early! Piggy banks are also a great learning tool for teaching your children about money and saving. There are so many cute piggy banks and money boxes available in a range of prices but the classic pig shape is pretty irresistible! 

For a gorgeous classic piggy bank check out these ones by Child to Cherish.


4. First Christmas Pajamas

Surely there’s nothing cuter than a baby in festive Christmas pj’s?! Take the cuteness to another level by getting your baby’s name on a Christmas themed onesie or take the opportunity (it might be the only one you get) to dress them up like an elf or a reindeer. Many families also have a tradition of buying each other Christmas pyjamas and opening them up on Christmas Eve to sleep in—baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to get this tradition started!


5. Christmas stocking or sack

There’s something special about hanging up a stocking or laying out a sack on Christmas Eve in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. A stocking or sack is a perfect gift to celebrate baby’s first Christmas and it is something they will use year after year. Get the stocking or sack personalised with their name and fill it with plush soft toys and books—perfect! 

Cotton On offers cute personalised Christmas sacks at a really reasonable price of $24.95 AUD (they have afterpay too). Check them out here

If you are stuck for ideas for a friend or relative’s baby, remember newborns need essential items like nappies and formula or something for their nursery, so don’t be afraid to shop practically—likely the parents will thank you! 

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy baby’s first Christmas—take lots of photos and make happy memories. Christmas can be a stressful time of year but baby only gets one first Christmas so make it special for them and for you! 


Merry Christmas! 

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