Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for 2022

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for 2022

There’s no doubt that every mum-to-be looks forward to their baby shower! It’s an important and special part of the pregnancy journey; an opportunity to spoil and celebrate the expectant mother and a chance to catch up with loved ones before bub enters the world and life changes dramatically!


One crucial part of any baby shower is (apologies in advance) “showering” the expectant mother with gifts. But, as a guest, how do you nail the perfect gift?! Surely mum-to-be already has bibs, books, bottles, blankets and booties? Undoubtedly you want your gift to be unique and meaningful…which can make buying the perfect baby shower gift extremely overwhelming! 


If you need ideas and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done some serious ‘research’…ahem online shopping…and found the best baby shower gifts for 2022… 


Unique Keepsakes

A unique keepsake that will last a lifetime is a perfect and special baby shower gift. BABYink Ink-Less Print Kits provide a safe and easy way to capture tiny newborn foot and handprints! The kits are available in pink, blue, black and grey.

BABYink also offers a number of printing kit bundles. The Linen Album with BABYink Kit is adorable and includes one of the BABYink Ink-Less Print Kits and a linen album in cream, blue or pink.

The Ink-less Print Kit (available in pink, blue or grey) are also adorable! BABYink Soft Clay Impressions provide another unique way to capture tiny hands and feet! Each kit comes with a white shadow box frame and easy to use soft air-drying clay in either pink, blue or white. 


Memory Books and Milestone Cards

Gender-neutral gifts are a great option if the sex of the bub is still hush-hush! 

These types of gifts are also fantastic if the expectant mother has shown a preference for more neutral toned colours, for example in the nursery, as opposed to the more traditional pink for a girl and blue for a boy!

Memory books and journals are a great gender-neutral gift, and also a keepsake that mum-to-be can keep forever. Baby's First Year Album features a beautiful cover. The book has plenty of space for memories, photos and milestones from pre-birth and the first year…perhaps the expectant mother could document the baby shower as her first entry with photos and messages from guests!

Milestone cards and blocks are also another great gender-neutral gift. Milestone Cotton Candy-Baby Cards-Limited Edition are so cute! The set contains 30 photo cards with everything from ‘Today I am 1 week old’ to ‘Today I smiled for the first time’! These cards are great to include in photos to capture everything bub gets up to in their first year of life! 


Baby Shower Gift Packages and Bundles

Another great gift option are ready-made baby shower gift bundles! Gift bundles are particularly great if you are thinking of buying a group gift with friends or relatives. Young Willow Baby Shower Gift Bundles are absolutely gorgeous.

Their bundles include a range of items and there are a number of price ranges to choose from. One bundle, for example, includes a Wilson & French Moon Aztec Bodysuit, Jellycat Bashful Donkey, Nature Bubz Ice Blue Teething Toy and Young Willow’s signature gift box—so cute! 

While traditionally most baby shower gifts are for bub, sometimes it’s nice to get something for mum-to-be.

A care package, such as the Silver Stork Care Packages, is amazing as often new mums don’t think of their own recovery after having a baby! The Silver Stork packages are particularly beautiful as each package, like each pregnancy and birth experience, is unique.

A spa, massage or facial voucher that mum-to-be could use before or after bub is born is also another amazing and thoughtful gift!


Hopefully now you have some ideas and feel confident to nail your baby shower gift! Remember, at the end of the day, mum-to-be will appreciate and cherish any gift that she receives!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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