6 Décor Ideas for Your Newborn’s New Room

6 Décor Ideas for Your Newborn’s New Room

The moment you become a parent, everything changed. From the food you ate to the books you read. You’re probably already made a gigantic to-do list and on that list, somewhere under “buy baby goodies” would be this – “decorate baby’s room”.

It’s a lot of fun for expecting parents to dream about the room in which their newborn is going to grow up. Think about all the fun moments that will happen, all the memories made and most importantly, think about how their little one is going to grow up in that room. So you probably want to make sure that EVERYTHING in that room is perfect. Now that task might sound a little overwhelming because of all the pressure but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are 9 DIY ideas to help you get started with decorating and creating the perfect nursery for your baby.


1. Pom Pom Rug

Just imagine your baby rolling around on what looks like a fluffy cloud. Amazing, right? Not only will it look great, it’ll feel great too – seriously, it is ridiculously soft and here’s how you can make one:

  • First you have to make your pom poms. Take a piece of cardboard, place a strand of yarn on top horizontally (this will be the belt) and start wrapping the cardboard with the yarn vertically. Use the belt to “tie” the yarn. Flip the cardboard again and cut through the middle of the yarn and tie it once more. That’s it. Make sure the “belt” is long enough since you’ll need it later.
  • Take a rug pad and start tying those pom poms. Add as many as you like. More pom poms equals a denser rug.
  • Once you think you have tied enough pom poms, add some more to fill in the gaps.
  • Take a scissor and cut off any stray strands for a cleaner look.
- Sink your feet into it and relax, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


2. Rope Shelves

You’re going to put a lot of things in your baby’s room so naturally, you’ll need some shelves as well. Well, how about you make some? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a woodworking expert. These rope shelves are pretty easy to make. See for yourself:

  • You’re going to need pieces of wood and some rope. Order them online or buy them from a local hardware store.
  • Cut the wood into the size you want.
  • Measure and mark spacing for the holes you’re going to be drilling.
  • Drill some holes. Choose a drill bit that as wide as your rope for a snug fit.
  • Thread the rope through the hope. Start from the top and leave as much as space as you’d like between the shelves. Make a knot to secure the rope and the shelf.
  • Continue doing this and until you’re done on one side. Tie an extra knot on the bottom shelf and continue threading but this time upwards.
  • Use the excess rope on each end to create a triangle hang pitch. Done!


3. Fabric Covered Letters

Your baby is going to be a genius, no doubt about it. But it’s never too early learn, am I right? Your baby might not be able to read what you write just yet but these fabric covered letters are easy to make and look good on the wall – it all balances itself out. Get started with:

  • Buying kraft letters. Try to get ones with holes on the back so they are easier to hang.
  • Get some batting to make the letters feel soft and fluffy.
  • Cut the batting into shape and start hot-gluing it to the kraft letters. You can leave the back exposed.
  • Next you need to cut up a swaddle blanket to cover the batting and the letters. Pull it around tightly and hot glue it the letter.
  • Trim any ragged edges or fabric.
  • Marvel at your creation.


4. Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons

Let’s be honest, hot air balloons are pretty cool. There’s something calming about them. The ability to fly also instills a sense of wonder in all of us and I think your baby will love them too. Plus you can make them easily and fast. They’re great all-around!

  • You will need a paper mache box or you can use little baskets with handles. If you go with a paper mache box, tape a ribbon around the box for aesthetic purposes.
  • Poke 4 holes into the lid of the paper-mache box. The straws will go in there so make sure not to make them too big. If you’re using a little basket, take some pieces of string and glue or tape them to the basket.
  • Position the straws into the holes and then glue or tape the paper lantern on top of the straws. Likewise, if you’re using a basket, glue the other end of the strings to the paper lantern,
  • You’re done. Place them in front of a nice background and adore how cute these little hot air balloons look.


5. Beautiful Mountain Mural

This can be a simple and minimalistic background for your baby’s crib. It will also go wonderfully with the DIY hot air balloon we just learnt to make. It doesn’t matter where you place this mural, one thing is for sure, it’s going to look really, really good.
Designing and making the mural is a pretty straight-forward process. You’ll need a few house paints. One bucket in black and a few shades of green (or whatever colour goes with the overall theme of the room). You’ll also need graph paper, a large levelled ruler and Frog tape.

  • Use graph paper to sketch out the maintain outline.
  • Use a large levelled ruler to draw the lines (will be helpful in separating the different shades).
  • Use frog tape to tape off the line and start painting!


6. Photo Frame Keepsake + Inkless Print Kit

This is more than just a photo frame. Like a normal photo frame, you can put a photo of your baby inside but unlike a normal photo frame, you get to see your little one’s hand or footprint. Those adorable tiny footprints!

Don't worry, it’s completely safe and you can totally DIY. Just order the kit. It comes with a non-toxic ink-less wipe and four double sided A5 special paper to make the prints. You also get to choose from Pink, Blue, Grey, Black and Bronze Print Kit colours. Unlike the rest of the ideas in this list, this one is probably the easiest and definitely the cutest.

So what do you think? Do you feel a little less overwhelmed and more confident to start working your version of the perfect nursery? Remember, the whole point of these DIY ideas is to give you absolute control. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. So what are you waiting for? Start decorating!

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